A Plastic Ocean

(“A Plastic Ocean”)

A simple journey to complete a lifelong dream. This is how the movie A Plastic Ocean begins, following Craig Leeson, whose aspirations since childhood had always been to film blue whales. Instead of finding these majestic mammals swimming in crystal clear oceans, however, Leeson discovers unsettling amounts of plastic waste floating atop the ocean surface.


This discovery led to a deeper investigation into the origin of the ocean’s pollution and the effects on the environment and the organisms living in the ocean. Upon taking a closer look, Leeson uncovered a staggering world of microplastics and their harmful effects on birds, fish, whales, and humans. He found out that plastic waste did not only affect wildlife, but toxins from the pollution seeped their way through the food chain and could be found in the food that arrived on our tables.

While disturbing, this information should not be surprising. With the inconceivable amount of plastic being produced every minute globally, we should have anticipated that we would feel the effects somehow. So now the attention must be turned to the burning question of how to stop this plastic infection from spreading further. It is important to do our small part in lessening our own amount of waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling, with the most important step of those three being reducing. We must cut down dramatically the sheer mass of plastic we consume, and with the plastic we do use we must do our best to limit the amount that ends up in landfills, and, consequently, oceans. In addition, governments have to be held accountable for a lack of regulations designed to restrict the amount of waste large corporations produce and hold them accountable for the damage they do to the environment. You can learn more about A Plastic Ocean at their website: http://www.aplasticocean.movie/.

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