Meiosis in Motion

Meiosis is the splitting of a cell into four non identical cells. Meiosis is a cell’s sexual reproduction process and happens in phases, just like mitosis. However, unlike mitosis, meiosis splits cells twice, resulting in four haploid daughter cells.

To create our video, my partner and I made a stop motion with paper cutouts of the images we wanted to show. The process was long and difficult, but in the end we were both happy with our product. We used the stop motion app on the school iPads, which was helpful as it put the pictures together into a video for us and had a feature that allowed us to see the previous photo layered over the top of our current image so that we could easily see how much we were moving our cutouts. To edit our video we used a program called WeVideo, which is a collaborative video editing platform that allows multiple people to edit a video. While this was a good way for both partners to see the video, ultimately the program was difficult to use and made our process of creation much more challenging.

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