Protist Lab

Did you know that seaweed isn’t actually a plant? It’s actually a protist, which is a kingdom of life where all the organisms go that don’t fit in anywhere else, a sort of Island of Misfit Toys. Protists are crazy and fascinating, and extend so much further than seaweed. After 8 school days of distance learning, Team AP Bio has completed the protist lab. Unfortunately, we were not able to observe protists under the microscope, but were still able to research so many cool organisms. Take a look at this investigation my classmates and I conducted on protozoa, a group within the Protista kingdom of animal-like protists.

One thought on “Protist Lab

  1. This is a very interesting presentation, Annica. I hadn’t heard about protists before and always thought seaweed was a plant. I like the drawings, they really help get an idea what those creatures look like, except that they’re really really small in real life. Good job!


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