Season 10: Body Systems

Our body is composed of many different intricate systems, each working together with the others to maintain homeostasis, or stability, in our bodies. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about these body systems and how they are all connected to one another:

Team AP Bio’s understanding of animal body systems was further enhanced by our virtual fetal pig dissection. Though we could not be in the classroom to dissect the fetal pig ourselves, we utilized the technology available to us to watch and explore as Mrs. Girard dissected the pig over Zoom.

AP Bio fetal pig dissection Zoom setup.
Exploring dissection.

Although it was difficult at first to watch the dissection of Mr. Wow (our pig), as we explored the structures of the different body systems, it became easier to stop seeing the process as nauseating and more as a learning experience. It was interesting to see how all the organs are physically connected inside of an organism, and was especially fascinating because of how similar pig systems are to human systems. The heart was the most exciting part to look at, since it is often difficult to visualize how such a small muscle is able to pump blood to the entire body.

This season has left me wondering about how different failures in body systems can be treated. What if a part of the nervous system stops working? What about the excretory system? What kinds of treatments exist and what are some treatments currently being researched. Body systems are so complex and important, and I can’t wait to see what developments we make in the future to further understand how we function.

2 thoughts on “Season 10: Body Systems

  1. You present the different body systems very clearly and well structured in your infographic. It’s easy to read and to understand.
    I love the fact that the experiment (although you couldn’t perform it live and hands on) sparks your interest and makes you think of other questions related to the human body.
    Keep up your excellent work! 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Annica, Your infographic is awesome! You didn’t just focus on humans, but you also included other organisms and how their body systems work. Very clear and detailed content that is visually engaging and interesting. I know dissections can be challenging. I am glad to hear that you found the experience valuable and that it sparked even more curious questions! Stay tuned since I know you have more learning ahead of you 🙂


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