AP Bio Exam Reflection

With the current state of the world, it seemed strange to have been doing the AP exam. Even with all of the modifications to the format of the test to be taken at home, there was a strange sort of unease about sitting down to take a standardized test at the same time as thousands of other students across the country after not having been in school for over two months. The test itself was overwhelming to look at at first. Blocks of text, graphs, and a ten part question, all just in the first section. After the initial panic wore off, I went through the different parts of the question, trying to fill in the ones I could easily answer first, and then taking time to fill in those that required a bit more thought. In this first section, I only completed 8 of the 10 questions before I had to submit what I had. Being more prepared now, I was able to complete all of the second section, which only had six parts. Still, the AP Biology exam seems to me like the most difficult of the three AP tests I took this year, even with the modifications.

I know I did my best, and the outcome is not necessarily a reflection of everything I learned this year. I still feel it may have been helpful to have been more prepared for the type of question that was going to be on the test, but I am glad that the test is over and that I have had the experience of taking the first at-home AP test ever administered.

3 thoughts on “AP Bio Exam Reflection

  1. I typically say that ‘as long as you did your best’ as a way of confirming that you put your best effort. However, I like how you wrote “I know I did my best, and the outcome is not necessarily a reflection of everything I learned this year” – especially that the test does not reflect everything you learned this year. I’m glad you took the test with a positive attitude in this unusual time in our life. Good job!

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  2. I like your reflection, Annica, and I admire your optimism and positivity.
    It was extremely hard to go into such an important test during these unprecedented times and I wish you had felt more prepared and ready for it.
    Nevertheless you gave your best and as you said, it doesn’t reflect your performance in this class of the entire school year. I’m proud of you!

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  3. I haven’t had the chance to see the exam, but from what I hear it understandably was different than in years past. I know how hard you have worked all year and I am so proud of you! One day, one test does not define you or all that you have learned. You are a rockstar!


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