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My name is Annica Kim, and I am a junior at NDB! Take a look around to explore AP Bio!

Welcome to my website! Check out the video below to learn a little more about me:

Website Reflection

This year has been filled with so much learning, not only about biology, but also creative thinking, problem solving, and information sharing. This website has been such an amazing tool to chronicle my AP Bio experience, and I spent so much time building this site to be just the way I want it. Not only have I been able to reflect on my learning through the many posts and investigations, I have also had the opportunity to share my learning with my family, whether they liked it or not.

I’ve learned many things this year, but the skills that keeping a website has taught me are things that I will take with me to many future classes. I have learned about the importance of visuals, how to write clearly and concisely, and how to write in a way that connects with my reader. Writing a blog is very different from writing an essay or writing up a lab, and finding the right kind of voice for blog writing was something I had to learn throughout the year. Keeping a blog is such an amazing way to share all your experiences with your teammates and family, and I am so excited to be able to look back on this time capsule of what I learned this year.

Dear Future AP Bio:

Our Environment

Giving back to my community and preserving our environment is very important to me. Check out my page:

Did you know…

Coral reefs get their color from algae living on the corals? Coral bleaching happens when the corals eject the algae, which is detrimental to both organisms involved.

Nature is so diverse all over the world!

Some of my investigations…

Quickly direct yourself to some of my investigations here, or go to the drop down menu titled “Investigations!”

Biotechnology: Environmental Cleanup

Check out how biotech can be used to clean up our environment!

Meiosis in Motion

See meiosis happening in this stop motion video!

Cell Membrane

Take a look at the functions of a plant cell!

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